LOTO Training

Understanding the importance of energy control of personnel doing service or maintenance work on energy equipment and knowing how to apply energy isolation and Lockout Tagout in a practical way.

LOTO Software

Lockout Tagout software allows you to manage processes such as tracking your equipment, frequency of use, duration of use, equipment efficiency and who is used by them.

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Where to start?

You want to activate lockout tagout (LOTO) application in your company, but dont you know where to start?

What does the legislation say for EKED?

It is a legal obligation to use Lockout Tagout equipment when working on energetic lines according to the current legislation;

- Occupational Health and Safety Law No. 6331 in Turkey

- Regulation on Health and Safety Conditions in the Use of Work Equipment

- Machinery Safety Regulation

- Electric Strong Current Facilities Regulation

- European Union Directives;
  No. 89/655 / EEC dated 30/12/1989
  No. 95/63 / EC dated 5/12/1995,
  No. 2001/45 / EC dated 27/6/2001.

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   ISO 9001

   ISO 14001

   OHSAS 18001

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