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The aim of the training is to understand the importance of the energy control of the personnel working on the service or maintenance of the energy equipment and to know how to apply energy isolation and Locking Tagging in a practical way.


Training content:

  • What is lockout labeling (LOTO)?

  • National and international legal requirements for locking labeling

  • Locking-tagging operations

  • Why locking?

  • What is labeling?

  • Who needs EKED training?

  • What is dangerous energy?

  • Types of hazardous energy

  • Energy cutting / exporting steps

  • When is the lockout tag applied?

  • Locking - Critical tasks and responsibilities for labeling applications

  • Locking labeling device types

  • Multiple locking

  • Lockout labeling instructions

  • Basic causes of accidents

  • Working together of different groups

  • Shift and long-term work

  • Special solutions for locking tagging

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