LOTO = LockOut TagOut


1. Deciding to implement LOTO
Generally, the factors that push a company to take the LOTO implementation decision are as follows.

a) As a result of an accident
b) In line with the instructions from the center abroad
c) As a result of deficiency determined in an audit
d) In line with the needs of the company


Making this decision is easy, but it takes will to implement it. First of all, it is necessary to absorb the concept of LOTO.

2. Education
In the second stage, in order to establish a correct Lock & Tag (LOTO) system, LOTO training must first be received from a competent institution.

It should be ensured that LOTO practitioners gain the ability to determine energy points, to recognize and use LOTO equipment.

3. Determination of energy points
Hazardous energy points that need to be insulated within the enterprise must be determined by a trained and competent team.

4. Determination of appropriate LOTO equipment
Appropriate LOTO equipment should be determined for hazardous energy points such as electricity, hydraulic / pneumatic, gas / water / steam, mechanical, chemical and thermal.

5. Writing LOTO procedures and instructions
The LOTO procedure to be applied within the enterprise should be written, duties, powers and responsibilities should be determined.

It should be ensured that different groups work together and group locking, contractors' LOTO procedures, shift changes and LOTO audits are defined in the instruction. Visual application instructions should be created for each energy point.

6. Application of LOTO steps
Preparation for the Closing Process
b) Closure of the Equipment
c) Energy Disruption and Isolation
d) Locking & Labeling
e) Discharge of Stored Energy
f) Verification that Isolation and Energy are Cut Off

7. LOTO equipment removal
The steps to be taken to safely lift and energize LOTO Equipment should be determined by an instruction.

8. LOTO audits
Regular audits should be carried out by supervisors and managers to ensure compliance with LOTO.

Where should LOTO start?


Lockout & Tagout (LOTO) System Installation Steps